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Podcasts for Interior Inspiration

In a world of social media and smartphones in general, it really isn't difficult anymore to get inspiration for things like fashion and interiors.

Previously, we had to go out and buy magazines, books and so on and gain inspiration from those! But with the ubiquity of technology and smartphones/tablets, this type of content is literally at our fingertips.

We have Instagram, Pinterest and any number of bloggers/influencers who devote their content to interior decoration. We're also continuing to see the rise of podcasts in terms of content output, with podcasts available now all over the world on a myriad of topics.

Podcasts are fantastic because they're usually bite-sized i.e. 30 minutes or 60 minutes so they're not overwhelming. They are also ideal for travelling and can be downloaded in advance on WiFi, so they don't necessarily require an internet connection.

At EZ Living Interiors we've put together this infographic that outlines a number of podcasts worth listening to on the topic of home interiors, furniture and property! Gain some valuable insights and you might find a few podcasts that you can subscribe to in order to be a long term listener!

Written by Helen O'Keefe, from EZ Living

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