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10 Creative Interior Design Tips for Small Offices

Your workspace says a lot about your business and can be instrumental in increasing productivity. Entrepreneurs and business owners with small offices need to come up with great designs that reflect their company culture, motivate their staff and optimise their space.

Whether you are planning a DIY approach to your office design or working with an office interior designer to create the best design for your office, the 10 tips below will help get help you get started.

Cozy Modern Office

1. Floating Shelves

Considering that your office space is already small, you wouldn’t want to make it look cramped. Instead of having shelves take up a lot of space, you can install floating shelves on the walls above the desks as a great way to create more space and remove clutter.

2. Create a Cozy Environment

The workplace should feel inviting for employees and clients. With the clever purchase of an elegant sofa or the right tables and chairs, you can create spaces to stimulate creativity or reception areas that create a great first impression.

3. Lighting

Many studies show that good lighting positively impacts productivity at the workplace. Try to let in as much natural light as possible. Embrace open plan concepts by doing away with walls and traditional cubicles.

4. Use More Colour

No one wants to work in a dull office where it’s all brown desks. Colour boosts employee performance. For instance, the blue colour has been found to inspire calmness and this enables workers to focus even when under pressure.

5. Use Foldable Furniture

When working with a small office space, it’s wise to have foldable furniture and there are many options available that are light and sturdy. As they don’t take much space, you can have some of them folded away and only bring them out when needed.

6. Matching Desks

Throwing several different, large desks together doesn’t look good in a small office instead use smaller consistent desks. If needed use half dividers to separate desks to ensure the place is more organised and give your employees privacy to do their work.

7. Add Pictures

The walls don’t have to look plain. Find some large inspiring pictures and place them on the walls. You could print and frame your own pictures or buy existing art to match the décor in your office.

8. Have Multi-purpose Spaces

When working with small spaces having multi-purpose rooms is a great way to utilise the space available. For example, your dining area could also act as a conference or brainstorming room.

Modern Office

9. Make It Modern

Give your office a modern feel. You don’t want it looking like a 1970s office. Get some stylish furniture and try to use brighter colours.

10. Motivate Employees

To increase efficiency, your staff needs to stay motivated. Try to create break out/lounge areas where they can go when they are tired, overwhelmed or needing inspiration. You can even provide board games. Be creative about it.

The above tips can help you create the right design for your small office. Remember, you can always consult an interior designer if you are finding it difficult to do on your own.

This article was written for Bella Living by Brenda Writez from Aura Office

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