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Home Staging 101

Home staging or styling pre-sale is the art of presenting your home in a way that's designed to maximise your sale price, speed of sale and profit.

Many people may think they are not influenced by the presentation of a property, particularly the furniture they will be replacing, but the return on investment regularly delivered by home staging indicates it makes a massive difference.

Information suggests staging can deliver anywhere from a 7-15% increase in sale price and a minimum of 10 times the return on investment e.g. spend $3,000 but have the house sell for $30,000 more than it would have otherwise.

The statistics vary from city, country and region and naturally they vary at different times in the relevant property cycles as well but generally staged properties delivered a signficantly higher profit that those not staged.

In the home staging inforgraphic below there are some staging stats and tips for review. However, if you are getting ready to sell do your own research as well, to see what the likely impact would be for you in your location at the time you are getting ready to put your home on the market.

Home Staging 101 Inforgraphic

This infographic was created by EZ Living Interiors

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