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37 Meanings for the Colour Purple

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Purple Curtain

Colours can have a significant mental, physical and emotional impact that influences how people feel and how they behave.

When selecting colours it is critical to think about how they are likely to be perceived and the impact they are likely to have in the relevant context, keeping in mind that the meaning of a colour will also change based on the cultural, psychological and personal associations of the viewer.

The perceived meaning of purple also varies significantly across the wide variety of shades e.g. from the most delicate lilacs and calming lavenders to the deepest violet hues.

Purple, which is a secondary colour derived from the combination of blue and red, is commonly associated with:

  1. Spirituality

  2. Dreams

  3. Consciousness

  4. Expansion

  5. Escape

  6. Fantasy

  7. Enlightenment

  8. Sensitivity

  9. Femininity

  10. Calmness

  11. Compassion

  12. Bravery

  13. Authority

  14. Devotion

  15. Faith

  16. Creativity

  17. Inspiration

  18. Imagination

  19. Originality

  20. Nostalgia

  21. Mystery

  22. Magic

  23. Fulfilment

  24. Quality

  25. Value

  26. Prestige

  27. Intellect

  28. Vitality

  29. Dignity

  30. Pride

  31. Peace

  32. Wealth

  33. Power

  34. Luxury

  35. Nobility

  36. Ambition

  37. Wisdom

Purple Hyacinth

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