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41 Meanings for the Colour Red

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Red Tulips

Whether they are aware of it or not, colours can have a significant mental, physical and emotional impact that influences how people feel and how they behave.

The meaning of a colour can also change significantly based on the cultural, psychological and personal associations of the viewer.

When selecting colours it is critical to think about how they are likely to be perceived and the impact they are likely to have in the relevant context e.g. a red wedding dress in China symbolises prosperity, luck and happiness.

Red is one of the 3 primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and its meaning also varies widely across the red spectrum, from the softest pink and strawberries shades, to the deepest ruby and plum hues.

Red is commonly associated with:

  1. Strength

  2. Power

  3. Leadership

  4. Bravery

  5. Love

  6. Beauty

  7. Passion

  8. Seduction

  9. Romance

  10. Sensitivity

  11. Sexuality

  12. Attention

  13. Prosperity

  14. Fortune

  15. Heat

  16. Protection

  17. Enthusiasm

  18. Excitement

  19. Energy

  20. Vigour

  21. Daring

  22. Adventure

  23. Spontaneity

  24. Impulsiveness

  25. Invigoration

  26. Stimulation

  27. Confidence

  28. Assertiveness

  29. Action

  30. Danger

  31. Speed

  32. Motivation

  33. Adventure

  34. Competitiveness

  35. Vibrancy

  36. Radiance

  37. Determination

  38. Willpower

  39. Endurance

  40. Intensity

  41. Celebration

Red Nail Polish

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