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49 Meanings for the Colour Orange

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Orange wall

It is critical to think about the meaning of colours when making selections for any project, whether they be for interiors, fashion, traffic lights or corporate branding.

Although we are often not conscious of it, the colours we are surrounded by can have significant mental, emotional and physical impacts on us and similarly they can easily influence the perceptions and behaviour of others.

It is always important to remember that the impact and meaning of a colour changes based on the cultural, psychological and personal associations of the viewer. Also the meanings for orange, as they do for all colours, vary across the wide variety of tints and shades e.g. from pale peach, citrus and terracotta tones to the vibrant orange of flames, sunrise and sunset.

Orange is a secondary colour as it is derived from mixing red and yellow and the complementary colour to orange is blue.

Orange is commonly associated with:

  1. Creativity

  2. Optimism

  3. Positivity

  4. Joy

  5. Happiness

  6. Warmth

  7. Heat

  8. Courage

  9. Health

  10. Rejuvenation

  11. Youthfulness

  12. Impulsiveness

  13. Fun

  14. Playfulness

  15. Enjoyment

  16. Communication

  17. Cheerfulness

  18. Enthusiasm

  19. Independence

  20. Energy

  21. Adventure

  22. Informality

  23. Friendliness

  24. Spontaneity

  25. Inhibition

  26. Stimulation

  27. Vitality

  28. Sexuality

  29. Freedom

  30. Self-expression

  31. Confidence

  32. Action

  33. Visibility

  34. Encouragement

  35. Motivation

  36. Competitiveness

  37. Risk-taking

  38. Contentment

  39. Vibrancy

  40. Compassion

  41. Passion

  42. Desire

  43. Determination

  44. Endurance

  45. Success

  46. Attraction

  47. Pleasure

  48. Comfort

  49. Inspiration

Orange blossom

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