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45 Meanings for the Colour Blue

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Coral Reef

When choosing colours for any project, whether that be for a property renovation, company branding, product design or uniforms, it is important to think about the meaning of that colour.

Without realising it the colours we are surrounded by can have significant mental, emotional and physical impacts on us and similarly they can significantly impact the perceptions and behaviour of others, including potential buyers and clients.

The impact and meaning of a colour also changes based on your cultural, psychological and personal associations.

When people are asked their favourite colour, blue is the most common colour selected.

Blue is one of the three primary colours and the meanings for the colour blue vary across the broad spectrum of beautiful tints and shades, which range from soft sky blues and sparkling aquas to bright azure blues and deep sapphire hues.

Next to green, blue is the next most dominant colour in nature, ever present in the sky, lakes and oceans.

Blue is commonly associated with:

  1. Life

  2. Health

  3. Healing

  4. Purity

  5. Cleanliness

  6. Strength

  7. Softness

  8. Calmness

  9. Coolness

  10. Relaxation

  11. Balance

  12. Serenity

  13. Peace

  14. Tranquillity

  15. Intuition

  16. Understanding

  17. Imagination

  18. Inspiration

  19. Expansiveness

  20. Space

  21. Freedom

  22. Knowledge

  23. Integrity

  24. Trust

  25. Truth

  26. Honesty

  27. Loyalty

  28. Seriousness

  29. Authority

  30. Responsibility

  31. Reliability

  32. Security

  33. Stability

  34. Sincerity

  35. Wisdom

  36. Confidence

  37. Faith

  38. Intelligence

  39. Self-expression

  40. Unity

  41. Friendliness

  42. Dignity

  43. Sensitivity

  44. Responsiveness

  45. Gentleness

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