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10 Clever Interior Design Tricks for Your Home Transformation

Homes are built to last you a lifetime, but interiors? Not so much. You grow with your mood, preferences and personality; plus, with trends popping up every year, you are bound to discover new ways of beautifying your home, whether it's a massive renovation, or a little pick-me-up.

Upgrading your interiors can bring a fresh change to your perspective. Who doesn't love a crisp minimalist living room with a coordinated palette? How about a nostalgic French country bedroom with clean whites and lovely florals? If you're more of the eclectic kind, why not add a shelf filled with a curation of your favourite things?

Modern living room

There are many ways to decorate, but here, we give you 10 interior hacks that will help you make a statement.

1) Reorganise

Scattered books, mismatched boxes, dirty carpet and messy cabinets are an eyesore.

Surprisingly, taking time to clean up the clutter can make a huge difference to your room.

Store the obvious items away in wicker baskets for a more coastal feel – best when mixed with whites and light blues! If you're going for a farmhouse touch, stash them inside old crates, which can alternatively be used as side tables, or even chairs!

2) Throw in some patterns

Feeling bored with the monochromatic motif you have chosen for your room? Make it more visually lively by adding graphic prints. It could be a rug, a tablecloth, a wall tapestry, or even a few pillowcases, but you'll be surprised how much these statement patterns can help with rejuvenating your space.

Dining and living room with geometric rug

3) Make rooms feel bigger

Darker walls give the illusion of smaller, more cramped space. If your room is feeling small, invite more natural light in by switching your palette to something light and bright, like a classic ivory or a pale muted grey. And, if you're doing an overhaul, switch to large windows and add mirrors to reflect the outdoor light pouring into the room.

Light, bright dining room with large windows

4) Play with the symmetry

If your eyes have been used to a uniformed look – say, hefty couches, balanced side tables and two lamps on each corner – maybe it's time to stir the space. Throw in unique items for a surprising twist, such as a slender side chair, printed ottomans, exotic wall decor or try hanging your picture frames in a non-linear way. The change will break the repetitive look, plus, you may find new spaces to use!

5) Create an accent wall

Love colour, but don't want to overhaul all the bright walls in your living space? Make an impact by painting just one wall with your favourite colour. This easily creates a highlight in the room, and can be embellished with your beloved antiques, family pictures, or your potted plants. Another tip? You can also brighten built-ins with the room's motif to create a bold look.

Living room feature wall muted grey

6) Win with your windows

Instead of adding wallpaper to create a new atmosphere, maybe sprucing up your curtains or shades would be better. Switch your bland curtains to bold colours or vibrant prints. See how adding some colour to your window treatments instantly transforms the room.

7) Highlight your hallway

If your hallways are ho-hum, invite joy into your corridors by adding a splash of colour. Make them warmer and create a more defined space by adding a runner. And while you're at it, why not add a table (and a mirror)? Not only is this decorative, these items make your hallways more functional, as you can drop your essentials in a central place that's easy to access when you are in a rush.

8) Focus on a story

Maybe you're tempted to buy a new couch, but instead of shelling out money for something new, how about refurbishing your old furniture for sentimental value? Use old fabrics and create quilts out of them. For bulky sofas and chairs, how about using new slipcovers? Put your favourite books on a shelf or display your antique collection in a corner. Welcome a sense of nostalgia into the room by preserving your most important keepsakes.

9) Add plants

Looking to upgrade your room in an instant? Place a potted plant on your desk. The splash of green adds a nice touch to any room, but more than that, it reminds you of life. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide while producing fresh oxygen for your body, so it's a win-win! But why stop there? Embellish your kitchen shelf with a few ferns, or better yet, create a hanging pot rack. Add lush indoor varieties to other parts of the room. Remember to water them on a regular basis!

Living room with plants

10) Create more space

If your house can't take in all the clutter that you don't want to give away, it's time to think about new ways to add space. Think about where you can add more shelves, cupboards and hidden drawers. If you have the space you could also add an extension. When done well extra space will always add value to your property. Whether you choose to build out, or build up though, make sure to consult the experts so that your design looks harmonious with the rest of your home.

Your interior decor should be fashionable and functional. Regardless of your style, any transformation – big or small – can make an impact on your family’s lifestyle. Create a pleasurable atmosphere by using these hacks and reinvigorate old spaces with new perspectives. A personal touch, and some bold choices, can make your house feel more like home.

Alex Morrison

Alex Morrison has been a SEO Expert in Melbourne for over 10 years. In this time he has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including financial support, health care and home improvement.

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