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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important aspects to bringing together a well decorated home. It can either make, or break the whole feel of your house. If your living room space is in need of a makeover, you have come to the right place.

Here are five ways to liven up the atmosphere:

1) Mix shapes, materials and textures

A great way to spice up your living space is to mix different shapes, materials and textures together to create visual interest and add dimension.

Living Area - Nathan Fertig

A good way to use interesting shapes and textures is scalloped sofas. The elegant and classic style will add luxury and sophistication to your space. To soften up the look, add plush pillows.

By thoughtfully mixing textures and materials, you will provide your space with a layered and dynamic atmosphere.

Landon 3 Seater Sofa

Peacock Boucle Cushion

2) Create interesting lighting

Lighting is an important aspect to any room. By placing sofas and arm chairs next to windows, it will help absorb the natural lighting from outside when you’re relaxing in your living room space.

Think about adding some interesting lighting to enhance your space, such as lamps with different patterns or pendant lighting to style up your ceilings.

Pendant lighting and lamps with low wattage in the corner of the room create a relaxing environment. This is because pendant lighting and dimmed lamps create a soft fractured glow to inject some warmth, romance and subtle illumination to your space. Mood lighting helps transform a space to feel tranquil and homey.

Replica Bocci 14.5 Five Pendants

Large Desert Garden Tiffany Table Light

3) Complement your space with a rug

A stylish rug is an easy way to add depth to your space, and will complement your furniture and decor. Without the right rug, a room can feel empty or unfurnished. Remember to take into account the colour and pattern, size, shape and texture of your rug to help your room feel more cohesive. See tips for choosing the right rug.

Ron Blush & Grey Power Loomed Modern Rug

4) Use wallpaper as an accent piece

Adding wallpaper or murals is a creative way to add stylish colours and patterns without cluttering your space with various accents such as multiple vases and knick-knacks.

Wallpaper is an effortless way to add another dimension to your space by livening up a neutral room with a fun print or complementing a colourful room with a soft, neutral print.

Don’t forget you can always remove your wallpaper, and change up the atmosphere by trying out different styles and patterns depending on your mood and personal preference. For example, more earthy tones in winter and more bright tones in summer.

White Sand Dunes Mural

5) Add indoor plants

Bring the outdoors to your space! Make your room feel less claustrophobic and more lively with hints of mother nature. Adding indoor plants is an easy and inexpensive way to perk up a dull space. A bit of greenery will also complement earthy hues, timber floors and wooden furniture. Plants also help fill an awkward white wall.

Unsplash - Dan Gold
Copper Pot with Handle

With these five aspects in mind, you’re ready to amp up your living room space!

For more living room inspiration visit Temple & Webster.

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