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7 Core Features of Australian Coastal Design

Northern Beaches Sydney

Australian Coastal style adds a uniquely Australian flavour to coast inspired interior design.

As such a large continent surrounded by coastline, it makes sense that Australia would have our own interpretation of such an iconic style.

The majority of Australians love the ocean in some way, whether they swim, surf, sail, walk on the beach or take in the view. The beauty of the Australian coastline, beaches and harbours, resonates with locals and tourists, making Australian Coastal design a very commercial and popular style of Australian design.

7 Core Features of Australian Coastal Design

1) Natural

Australian Coastal design needs to feel at one with the environment, stylish yet practical, down to earth and welcoming. Colour palettes reflect the coast with lots of natural/neutral tones, beautiful blues and greens, combined with natural elements like timber and stone.

2) Textured

Coastal environments evoke thoughts of textured surfaces like sand, shells, water, stone, rocks, trees and driftwood. In Australian Coastal design this is captured by using a blend of different natural textures in wall finishes, floor coverings, rugs, furniture, furnishings and accessories.

3) Relaxed

Regardless of whether the style is in a harbour city or remote location, Australian Coastal design creates a sense of relaxation. For many people the coast is a holiday location and Australian Coastal design embodies a sense of retreat, the ability to escape into a tranquil environment. Furniture should be comfortable, encouraging people to sit and chat, enjoy a meal, read a book, play a game or watch a movie.

4) Spacious

Australian Coastal design needs to create a sense of space, room to breathe, room to think, rest, play and create. Rooms need to feel as large as possible, so lighter walls colours are predominantly used as are open plan living areas.

5) Light

Lots of natural light is essential to Australian Coastal design, which could include large windows, glass wall panels, bi-fold or sliding glass doors and skylights. There should be as much fresh air as possible and maximising the indoor/outdoor feel, kitchen and living areas are ideally linked with large, easy access to outdoor entertaining areas.

6) Vibrant

In addition to the core colours above, Australian coastal environments are characterised by lots of beautiful, vibrant colours seen in sunrises, sunsets, flowers and underwater in marine life and coral. Coastal memories for many Australians are also full of colour associated with colourful swimwear and beach towels. In Australian Coastal design these are used beautifully as accent colours to add warmth and personality.

7) Fun

Inherently Australians have a great sense of humour, enjoy lots of different activities and want to have fun. This is captured in Australian Coastal design through clever use of colour and casual styling that encourages people to smile and inspires them to enjoy themselves.

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