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3 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Rug

An easy way to add depth to your space is to add a stylish rug to your room.

Rugs can easily be overlooked as a great way to compliment your furniture and decor, and enhance your living space.

Each rug creates a different atmosphere, and a room without the proper rug can be left feeling unfurnished or empty - so picking the right rug is essential.

Below are three important elements to keep in mind when shopping for the right rug.

1) Colour and Pattern

If your living room furniture is neutral and lacking colour, go for a bold and bright colour, or patterned rug to give a burst of energy and make it a focal point in your space.

On the other hand, if you already have many patterns and bright colours in your room, stick to block-colours and neutral shades to harmonise with your existing furniture and decor to avoid overwhelming your space.

If you want a patterned rug to be the central piece, it will be easier to choose your furniture and decor after choosing your rug.

If you want to play with light and dark tones in your living space, make sure to choose a lighter rug to add contrast to dark furniture and floors, and vice versa as this will uplift your living space.

Choosing the right colour is important to help add dimension or tone down an already colourful room.

Savannah Contemporary Rug

Ultra Thick Super Soft Shag Rug

2) Size

Size is crucial when choosing the right rug for your room. It should be proportionate to the space and the furniture around it.

A rug that is too big for the room and furniture will look awkward and overwhelming, whilst a rug that is too small for the room will look insignificant.

A good way to judge the correct size for a rug is to make sure your rug fits the size of your seating area and not the entire room. For example, when sitting on the sofa, your feet should be on the rug.

For a dining room, a rug should cover the area under a dining table and you want to be able to pull back your chair and still have it on the rug.

Taking these tips into consideration will help your rug give more definition to your space.

Mystic White Modern Cotton Rug
Charcoal Art Moderne Cezanne Rug

3) Shape & Texture

Straight-edged and rectangular rugs are great for defining more open-plan areas whilst rounder edges offer contrast to linear furniture and walls, giving a space a softer look.

In terms of texture, remember to aim for contrast.

If your sofas are velvet in texture, choose a rug that is smooth and hard. If your sofa is smooth and sleek, choose a fluffier rug to give more softness to the space.

Different textures in your furniture and rug will help your space feel layered and rich.

Blue Round Art Moderne Cezanne Rug

Blue Round Art Moderne Cezanne Rug

Anna I Decorative Natural Grey Rug

For more rug and living room inspiration, visit the Temple and Webster website.

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