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What Is An Appliance Garage?

I only heard the term 'appliance garage' for the first time recently.

An appliance garage is something you build-in to your kitchen cabinetry as a dedicated space to both store and use your most common kitchen appliances.

Some appliances garages are small, holding just one or two key appliances like your kettle and toaster.

Some appliance garages are large, holding multiple appliances, including items like mixers, coffee machines and microwaves.

Your appliances 'live in the garage' out of sight, creating clutter free benches and when you 'open the garage' you can easily access and use your appliances that are already plugged in ready to go.

If you research images you will see lots of different kinds of doors or shutters for access, some open like standard cupboard doors, others fold up, roll up or lift up on hinges.

Including an appliance garage is definitely a great idea to consider when planning your kitchen layout.

If planning an appliance garage it's important to make sure you have confirmed exactly what appliances you will be storing in it, to ensure you have left enough room for them to comfortably operate.

You will also need to ensure you have enough powerpoints installed in the right locations.

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