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Free Tickets to Property Renovation Event

If you are interested in renovating there are some free tickets available to see Naomi Findlay in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane this February and Adelaide in June.

Naomi was voted one of the Top 5 Home Stylists in the World in the US and has been a part of more than 110 renovation projects. She also works with over 250 home owners each year to maximise the value of their properties for sale or rent using her Rapid Renovation Formula™.

Free Renovating Event

If you attend the event you'll receive a copy of her brand new DVD: “21 Common Mistakes Renovators Make... And How To Avoid Them!” and a copy of the 4th edition best-selling book, “The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast!”.

I'm not sure yet if I can make this Sydney event, if I can I'll book in as I'd really like to hear Naomi speak and I've attended a number of events run by Stuart Zadel previously, which I've really enjoyed.

One of the things that particularly impressed me about Stuart (not that I know him personally) was his authenticity and I was very taken by his company's vision, which I happened to receive an update on this week.

2020 Vision Update

  • Inspire A Community Of 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians: will you be next?

  • Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events: Current tally – 66,675 attendees

  • Inspire Through The Distribution Of 1,000,000 Books: Current tally – 601,989

  • Inspire The Contribution Of $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes: Current tally – $459,191.60

  • Inspire The Planting Of 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil: Current tally – ZPE 27,006 / Clients 18,179 trees

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