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10 Things You Must Discuss With Your Electrician For Accurate Quotes

If you are about to engage an electrician to quote on your renovation, there are a range of items you need to include in your list for discussion and quoting.

Electrician's Tools

1) Supply and Install vs Install Only

Will you be supplying all items e.g. new powerpoints, switches, lights etc. or will they. If you want them to provide them there will be a surcharge in the price to cover their time organising the purchases. If you want them to make the purchases you also need to ensure they know what style of items you want, particularly if you already have certain brands or pricing in mind, so that they allow enough but not too much for your items.

2) Powerpoints - Type, Colour and Quantity

Are you changing powerpoint and switch plates?

Will you be swapping single power sockets to doubles?

Do you need new powerpoints? If yes, how many and where will they be located?

Are weatherproof outlets needed in external locations?

Are ceiling outlets needed e.g. for ducted heated or cooling?

With powerpoints keep in mind all new requirements e.g. new kitchen locations for rangehood, microwave, fridge and dishwasher power.

3) Lights

Are you changing light fittings - consider all internal and external lighting requirements?

What are you swapping to e.g. style of light fitting, quantity and location(s)?

Are new additional light fittings needed? If yes, how many, what style and where?

Are you installing lighting in ceiling fans, outdoor sensor lights or 3-in-1 lights for bathrooms (light, heat lamps and fans combined)? If yes, extra allowances for switch panels and ducting may be needed.

4) Smoke Alarms

Do you have smoke alarms that need servicing?

Are new smoke alarms needed? If yes, how many and where?

5) External Power

Do you have existing external power that needs checking or servicing?

Are you wanting new power installations to garages or sheds e.g. to power remote controlled garage doors?

Are you wanting new power installations to run spas, pools, saunas etc.?

6) Appliances and Systems

Have you considered and taken into account electrical requirements for all items, including: cooktops, rangehoods, electrical hot water systems, air-conditioning, heating and exhaust fans?

7) Telecommunications & Technology

Do you need new TV points, phone points or data points? If yes, how many and where?

Do you need to allow for any home-automation requirements?

8) Switchboard

Does your switchboard need upgrading? Check for any costs linked to circuit breakers and safety switches?

9) Removal and Disposal

Do you need old items removed and responsibly disposed of?

10) Number of visits

You will need to find out how many times your electrician will be needed on-site to ensure this is all allowed for in the quote. It is highly likely you will need them on-site several times - for rough-in (which is when they will install the electrical services in the wall cavities, for cutting out sections in the plasterboard for all powerpoints and switches (pre-painting) and for fit-off (when all final installations are complete e.g. all light fittings, appliances, switches and powerpoint plates).

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