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5 Interior Design 'Escape' Trends for 2017

Green Bathroom

After reviewing trend updates for 2017, the overriding interior design theme for me is ESCAPE.

With increasing pressure to be digitally engaged and constantly contactable, personally and professionally 24/7, we are seeking to have our home environments feel more relaxing and calm, with the flexibility to adapt our environment to suit our ever-changing requirements.

1) Nature

Wanting to escape and reconnect with nature we will actively create a natural feel in our homes with the use of:

  • organic materials and textures including cork and terracotta

  • wooden furniture

  • nature inspired art and designs and

  • nature inspired colours, particularly greens.

2) Warmth

Overwhelmed by our busy lives, we long to escape to warm, nurturing, tranquil home environments, that can be created by using:

  • earthy colours

  • muted palettes including jewel tones

  • matt metallic materials like brass and bronze

  • mixed patterns

  • dark green and navy rather than black.

3) Space

We want to escape to homes that feel more serene and a sense of space is key to this. With homes and units becoming increasing smaller, we will see more clever interior design and furniture ideas emerge to effectively utilise small spaces, so that they feel like places of refuge and rejuvenation.

4) Affordable Impact

Escaping the idea of buying new items with short life spans for extra clutter and waste, there will be increased focus on recycling items, upcycling or re-purposing and on selecting items that will be more low cost and environmentally friendly long term.

5) Flexible Mobility

Traditional home affordability is challenged and more people want to live more flexibly with the freedom to escape and move easily at any time, or instantly change the look of their home. This is translating into advanced new designs for mobile houses and modular furniture.

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