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5 Ways To Save Money Renovating And Be A Great Client

Being a great client will save you money - your project will run more smoothly and be delivered more cost effectively, it will also be more enjoyable for you and the tradespeople you work with.

Saving money renovating

1) Be crystal clear about the scope of your project

Document in detail what you need done, including exactly what items each tradesperson needs to remove, fix, move or build; where everything will be installed; when you need the work started and when you need it finished etc.

2) Know your budget and have contingency funds

As you cost your project make sure you maintain a very detailed budget plan and stick to it. It is very important you allow a contingency budget as well, possibly at least 5-10% of your total project cost because it is likely unexpected things will happen and the bigger the project the more likely this is.

3) Choose everything before you agree to your final contract price

If you need to choose fixtures, fittings, appliances etc. for your project choose them before you lock down your final price and make sure they have been factored into the price.

If you are buying the items your tradespeople won’t need to make allowances for them but you will need to ensure they can be on-site when they will be needed. When tradies know the exact items they are working with they can also quote accurately on installation requirements.

If you want your tradesperson to buy and supply items for you, make sure you agree on the allowances they have included as they need to estimate these and the estimates may be dearer than what you will need or insufficient, depending on your project and personal taste.

4) Avoid variances

Any variances to an agreed contract price are normally expensive, so don’t change your briefing at any stage if you can avoid it. It is worth taking the time up front to confirm exactly what’s needed e.g. what kind of lights you will install in each room, how many, location etc., so that everything you’ll want from each tradesperson has been allowed for in the quote you approved.

5) Be respectful

Good tradies are qualified professionals who deserve your respect, as you do theirs as their client. You should respect them and their time by turning up when you say you will, by communicating with them clearly and promptly, by having any materials you are responsible for on-site when they need them and paying them promptly on completion of their work.

If you treat your tradespeople well it will help you get your project finished with the best quality work, in the quickest time-frame possible.

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