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5 Things To Clarify Before Briefing Your Architect Or Builder

If you are starting out on a new home building or home renovation project there are many things to consider. You will no doubt be looking for specific building professionals to assist you with your project and the more accurately you can brief them on what you want, the faster they will be able to assist you clarify the scope, budget and any potential issues related to your project.

Below are the top 5 things I recommend you work through before briefing your draftsperson, architect or builder for the first time.

1) Clarify Your Objectives

Why are you wanting to renovate or build and how much do you want to spend?

How do you want your new home to look and feel, how much extra space do you need, are you wanting renovating to sell or renovating to stay etc.

2) Confirm Your Must Have List and Your Wish List

What is non-negotiable e.g. extra rooms and size of rooms, or new bathroom, more natural light etc. and what would you like to have on top of this if possible.

3) Design and Stying

Are there specific items that you want used in the design e.g. a particular floor covering, tile, wall colour, roof tile & furniture that needs to fit? If there are you need to give all the details including specifications, photos, website links, measurements etc. so they call be taken into account in the design planning or quoting. This also includes re-cycling as you might be removing windows, doors or other items from one area of the house and want to re-use them in a different location.

4) Issues to Address / Potential Risks

Are you aware of any potential issues that could cause project problems e.g. structural issues, termite damage, hazardous materials and difficult site access?

5) Environmentally Friendly Choices

The professionals you work with will advise you on the compulsory choices that need to be made to comply with BASIX where appropriate. However, you should also think about what other options are important to you e.g. using recycled materials, gutter guards and collecting rainwater for household use, re-using laundry water, composting, energy efficient lighting and appliances, water efficient fixtures and fittings etc.

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